Choosing a reliable and experienced organization to handle the full lifecycle of your shipment is critical for successful global trade. As a global logistics solutions provider, ACM Logistics is deeply skilled with the door to door transit of your cargo throughout the world. we currently employ two federally licensed U.S. Customs Brokers, who support our primary business of clearing import cargo through U.S. Customs into the United States. Additional team members serve clients with import and export operations, each concentrating on specific functions within the life of a shipment.

We’ll guide you through the total landed cost in advance so you understand the many facets and costs of the transactions and agree with the seller or buyer on who pays for what. While each transportation product is unique, we steer clients through the planning, scheduling, billing and tracking of each shipment.

Understanding Transportation Documents

Who Pays for What?
Terms of Sale
What exactly are you buying?
Price to the door
When does the cargo belong to you?
Title Transfer
How and when do you pay?
Payment options

ACM Logistics carefully coordinates on your behalf with the bankers, lawyers and customs agents to ensure your cargo is delivered on time and within budget. We guide our clients on completing the commercial documents (purchase orders and commercial invoices including the packing list) as well as the transportation documents (bill of lading, airway bill, carrier’s manifest and arrival notice). Plus, we’ll recommend the right level of insurance for your shipment to cost effectively give you the best coverage.

Our expertise covers air, sea and ground transportation and even helps clients with multi-modal connections such as air and sea transport. We pride ourselves on using best practices and fine-tuned processes so clients receive regular and professional communication as well as cargo that moves smoothly with a predicted time and cost.

We truly understand the frustration that businesses can experience without the extensive knowledge of the shipping industry. This is why we meticulously follow best practices and track each shipment with the goal of entry into the intended ort within five days. This results in a pleasant experience for you.

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