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Supply Chain Services

As true logistics experts, ACM Logistics looks at the full lifecycle of clients’ shipments and recommends improvements that trim expenses and accelerate delivery. We often find we can cut costs by suggesting alternative shipping methods or by facilitating cargo release and moving cargo out of the port before free time expires to avoid demurrage charges. Still, our full supply chain services are much broader than just this.

An Integrated Approach to Imports and Exports

By taking an integrated approach to your imports and exports, ACM Logistics is able to identify and communicate the complete costs associated with your international transactions. From the taxes, tariffs and trade compliance to security regulations and timely delivery of critical information, we bring clarity and calm to the global logistics supply chain. We guide clients on the physical movement of their goods to ensure proper packaging and the appropriate planning of different stages in the process. Equally important is understanding the financial side of the supply chain such as when does each participant (suppliers, packers, customs, taxing authorities, etc.) need to be paid and how. ACM Logistics knows that paying these supply chain partners at the right time and in the right way keeps your shipments moving forward optimally. On top of all of this, the “24-Hour Rule” can certainly have its own implications on your shipment, if the proper paperwork isn’t provided on time. Truly, experts focused on this web of partners, checkpoints and communication can make global logistics flow smoothly.

If you’re interested in accelerating delivery time, streamlining your shipping processes (imports and exports) with best practices and ensuring you meet regulatory requirements, contact ACM Logistics.

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