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Melon Season 2016 Escapes Damage of Hurricane Otto

in by John Heimsath

At ACM Logistics & Consulting Inc, we have our hand on the pulse of any factor that could influence the shipping and quality of products our clients trust us to transport. That means we’re on the lookout not only for immediate threats but issues that could lead to problems as time passes. That’s where Hurricane Otto came in, and we were interested to see how this natural disaster might impact certain crops and products coming from Central America to the United States.

Hurricane Otto: The Basics

Hurricane Otto was a very rare storm. It began as a low pressure cell in The Gulf of Mexico, grew to hurricane strength and eventually made landfall in on the southern Nicaraguan Atlantic coast. Crossing west, it entered northwest Costa Rica and the out into the Pacific Ocean. The Guanacaste region or Costa Rica is home many ‘fincas’ farms that supply the United States and Europe with melons. The fear was that Hurricane Otto could threaten their melon harvest that begins next month.

Melon Season: Risks Ahead?

Melon season, which runs from January to May, was at particular risk as Hurricane Otto hit Costa Rica. Farmers grew increasingly concerned, but despite the risks, the hurricane did not affect the melon crops in the area. Thankfully, recovery from the hurricane will be possible, and the season will likely continue as usual.

How We Learn from Hurricane Otto

ACM Logistics & Consulting Inc uses real-time information to keep its clients in the know when it comes to their shipped materials.

Good communication up and down the supply chain between transit providers and clients has always helped establish expectations based on the reality of natural disasters, and this continues to be true.

Even though Hurricane Otto did not affect melon crops, we can still learn from its threat. Continued monitoring of the weather will happen, and excellent communication will be a top priority. If these two factors continue, ACM Logistics will be prepared for any other threats to crops we transport.

Hurricane Otto did not, after all, affect the melon season this year. But that doesn’t mean other crops won’t be affected by weather eventually. As you keep track of the weather that could impact the crops you transport, watch ACM Logistics & Consulting inc., for real-time updates on prices, shipping times, and more information.

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