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Melon Season Escapes Damage of Hurricane Otto

At ACM Logistics & Consulting Inc, we have our hand on the pulse of any factor that could influence the shipping and quality of products our clients trust us to transport. That means we’re on the lookout not only for immediate threats but issues that could lead to problems as time passes. That’s where Hurricane […]

Hanjin Shipping – Immediate Threat to Getting Your Cargo On Time

Have you heard the latest news surrounding Hanjin Shipping? UPDATE Hanjin Shipping is one of the largest shipping firms and their most recent decision will affect thousands. There are many reasons why cargo does not move smoothly from origin to its foreign destination. Port congestion has been in the news recently. You’ve probably also experienced […]

US Importers of Chinese Tires Get Flattened

The cheapest tires you can find for your 18-wheeler are being made in China. In fact, the US Department of Commerce has determined that the Chinese government assistance given to its Chinese tire manufacturers gives these tire importers an average of 20% advantage over their US competitors. To offset this unfair advantage, the United States […]