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ACM from the USA Pay Visit to Alpha Maritime Services in Italy

President of ACM Logistics & Consulting (UFO member in Texas – USA), John Heimsath has recently paid a visit to the Genoa office of Alpha Maritime Services (UFO Italy). President & CEO of Alpha Maritime Services, Massimo Corte commented “We had very good discussions and will start to cooperate soon. We believe that face-to-face interaction […]

Your Supply Chain Secrets are Not as Secret as You Thought!

Importers and Exporters struggle to keep their most closely guarded secrets. Did you know that every piece of information on an ocean bill of lading is available to your competitor? As an importer or exporter of merchandise, companies involved in international commerce are required to transmit business sensitive information to the United States Government.  Every […]

New to Importing

If you’ve never imported anything into the United States, this article is meant for you. The good news is that there are so many new importers that the US Government has dedicated an entire section of a website just to you!  The part of the US Government in charge of imports is CBP (Customs and […]